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Message Subject So You Want A Conspiracy Theory? How About Obama Fires Top Nuke Generals When They Refuse To Carry Out A Nuclear False Flag...
Poster Handle PumpkinReaper
Post Content
I think it is more likely that O is doing what all power mongers do, or do eventually. He is systematically going through the ranks and eliminating all who might lead a coup against him. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, all tyrants do it.
 Quoting: PumpkinReaper

Oh noes....but don 't you know that there is no such thing as tyranny or evil....oh no, no, no, no, no.......Satan doesn't exist. We make our own reality....oh, yes......






 Quoting: FreakObserver

I should add that tyrants use another tactic as well. Hitler used the political ambitions and greed of his top generals to set them against each other. He created animosity and distrust and outright fear so they were too busy fighting and scheming against each other to unite and oppose him. Hitler also grew the bureaucracy to such an extent that you had hundreds of different groups with overlapping goals and responsibilities and no one knew who did what, or who answered to whom, all compartmentalized. Then he created antagonism and distrust between those groups. All to maintain control.
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