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Message Subject So You Want A Conspiracy Theory? How About Obama Fires Top Nuke Generals When They Refuse To Carry Out A Nuclear False Flag...
Poster Handle Saddletramp
Post Content
I dunno, I put a plausibility rating on Conspiracy Theory, then I go over the evidence to see if it all fits.

Sept: Strange reports out of the blue (I mean out of nowhere) that a nuke had been secreted away from Deyes Air Force Base in Texas bound for Charleston, SC.

Oct: The Debt Ceiling Fight begins, even though the debt ceiling had been reached in May (no explanation why they waited until Oct...they just did).

Oct 8: Inexplicable 4.5 Earthquake in an area that NEVER has earthquakes. 620 miles off of the coast of South Carolina under about a mile of water. A VERY SHALLOW Earthquake in a sand wash?!?!?

Oct 9: The #1 and #2 of the Nuclear Arsenal for the U.S. Air Force come under fire and are later dismissed by Obama...

Oct 12: Debt Ceiling Negotiations inexplicably strike and impasse after apparent promise just the day before.

I don't know about you, but this fits together and makes much more sense than anything I've seen in awhile. Probably since some theories on Benghazi.
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