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Message Subject GOP congressman offers solution to debt limit crisis: Impeach Obama if government default/House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Not only assuming power over the government, but using the government to assume more power over us, and our economy.

You really drank that kool aid man.
 Quoting: *Evan

no I don't drink kool aid. its not even served here in the uk.

but I do see one thing, and the reason I see it is because im not inside your box.

Obama used the care act as a slight of hand to effectively "con" the senate and congress out of any power.

he is doing this for the good of the country.

how can you be complaining all these years that congress is corrupt and now they have lost power you are complaining again!

really its time to get a grip.

any fear tactics should be avoided and not listened to.. its the very corporations that have assumes power and kept you in this quandary that are putting out all this fear disinfo to make you scared of the changes that are occurring.. either that or you are one of the wealthy bastards that are set to lose all your ill gotten gains.

Obama will be victorious it has been planned for a long time now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48320831

Congress having a say is part of the checks and balances. To prevent us from having a dictator bud.

Plus, Obamcare is just another power grab. Giving the government control of our healthcare. It is going to be enforced by the IRS! Are you kidding, the IRS? The worst most hated part of government just tripled in size and in the amount of power they have.

There would be less corruption if the government was small. If the government is huge, in every aspect of our lives, then when someone/corporation buys the elected officials, they have power over all parts of our lives that the government does.

If the government is at it's constitutional size, then buying elected officials wouldn't give them power over every aspect of our lives.
 Quoting: *Evan

so how do you fail to see that he has nullified the corrupt corporations who have been running the country until the shutdown?

your whole fear is that he will use his supreme power to do bad.. and that has yet to be realised.

have faith in your president for once.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48320831

My God man, just stop. You don't have a clue. Are corporate influences often negative? Sure. Is Obama the savior of the people, completely in control of all that is happening as a result of his almighty willpower? Hell freaking NO. You are suffering from a severe case of cognitive bias. The last post above about size of govt is correct. The system is designed with checks and balances that Obama is pissing all over, accomplishing nothing but getting his shoes smelly and wet. Corporations have been nullified? wtf are you talking about? I can't waste any more time on you.

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