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Message Subject GOP congressman offers solution to debt limit crisis: Impeach Obama if government default/House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings
Poster Handle Heavenly Alchemy
Post Content
Impeach Obama is a good plan, but why the hell should we stop there?

Let the government default. The moment the criminals allow their treasonous act to go through we get our governors to take it a step further.

We have our states leave the Union and leave those still wanting to serve the traitors holding the bag.

Drastic? Yes. But that was our fault the moment we let this situation get out of hand. Now we are faced with making decisions that can most likely lead to bloodshed.

The way I see secession is this. Once a state leaves the Union it no longer becomes burdened by the banker influence. Many states are as large as some European nations and have the resources needed to sustain themselves by self reliance or by trade.

This process takes the political polarization by the criminals and patriots and defines it by geographical borders, creating definitive havens for patriots to relocate to avoid the tyrannical government. The shift of the workers throws the balance of the government off, leaving them with the feeders still clinging to the welfare state. This imbalance shifts the weight off the patriots and onto the criminals and their voter parasites who are the antithesis of a stable society.

Military conflict becomes difficult to conduct even under martial law definitions. States claiming autonomy from the federal government become politically independent, making martial law an act of war. The sudden shift in U.S. borders leaves the military fractured on support, many enlisted are already opposed to administrative decisions. The call to martial law becomes a damaging move that either leaves the federal government a fraction of their physical power or the best case scenario a military completely uncooperative to turning on friends and family.

It would be violent regardless of how it is approached. Non violent succession is best as it not only leaves the federal government holding the bag, but unable to demonize the states as to muster military action against them. Riots would happen, crime would go up, the economy will hurt but we are at the point of no return.

A non violent fracturing of federal power by succession is the safest way to disarm the criminal government. If we follow up with an Icelandic financial revolution we can then remove the threat and move the states back into a restructured constitutional republic with the U.S. Constitution.

To be honest, I only see succession taking away federal power and it will most likely happen if the U.S. defaults.
 Quoting: StellaViator

The only things that worry me about this theory are that it leaves all ripe for foreign invasion and it leaves poor, disabled and immobile believers in freedom that live in other states to fend for themselves. They are that way because they would not sell out, pissed the wrong people off or worked their body to the bone for a good ol boy system that used them up then spit them out. Sorry but you don't leave your injured behind.
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