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Message Subject GOP congressman offers solution to debt limit crisis: Impeach Obama if government default/House Republicans Schedule Obama Impeachment Hearings
Poster Handle *Evan
Post Content

He has proven he will stand against the establishment of his party based upon principle
 Quoting: *Evan

yeah and that is something
 Quoting: Mr Oysterhead

At the same time, I get your point.
 Quoting: *Evan

Just curious how many of you out there really believe this government shutdown and impending default Is about partisan ideology.

Is this really Republicans against Democrats? How many believe this is all an act and that each side is just playing their part and fooling all of us?

I just can't believe these things that are happening are byproducts of typical political process. This is a plan being executed. Do you believe this? If you do then bashing Democrats or Republicans is exactly what they are wanting.

It is time to see this as us against government not us against the part of government we feel is wrong and all of the citizens who support them. That is classic divide and conquer tactics. We can't let them separate us.

We have to let go of our ideological differences and stand together in spite of them. Let's get back to arguing about that shit later. Right now the corruption of our government, the extraction of our money and freedom and the potential collapse of this great Nation has to be first priority.

If we do not stand together we will fall together.

The left-hand and the right-hand both belong to one asshole.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40240696

I know what you mean....

I agree that when it comes to Democrat vs Establishment RINO Republicans, there isn't much difference. Not really any difference when it comes to important things like monetary policy, war, size of government etc.

But, I do believe there are two seperate ideologies at war. There is the collectivist/NWO/redistribution side, and the Individual freedom, Sovereignty, Small government side.

The world has ALWAYS had faaar more of the collectivist minded people in it, but the most prosperous and free nation ever was built on individuality, small government, and hard work with the potential to make life what you want of it. The power of the individual..

The idea of a new world order, and a global government is a collectivists/socialists/statists wet dream.
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