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Message Subject Obama Will Never Get Credit For All Of the Coup Plotters He's Killed And False Flags He Has Stopped In America
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I get it. He is a disciple of Lincoln so saving the Union is always going to be Obama's top priority. No thank you necessary.

He shut down Benghazi which was funneling weapons to Al Qaeda behind his back.

He's blown up at least two secret Black site underground bases, one that had a nuke it it. Remember the mild earthquake that shook the whole Eastern sea Board about three tears ago?

Breitbart ,who was calling for insurrection.

Now the South Carolina Nuke that winds up in the Ocean.

The list of Military officials and Soldier's he has fired is really long with one common denominator: America hasn't experienced one False Flag "Terror" Attack under Obama.


Hopefully he will destroy the entire traitor infrastructure before he leaves office so that they can't just resume when he's gone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48295672

OP, why are you up here? Didn't you hear they fixed the EBT program? I heard wadamellun and fwied chixen was on sale.

Go get it!
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