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Message Subject I called it today. AND I WAS RIGHT!!!! Debt crisis IS OVER. YOU SHOULD HAVE TRUSTED ME
Poster Handle Limpan
Post Content
“Republicans” in Washington, D.C. have offered Democrats a no-strings-attached, six-week increase in the federal debt limit as part of their efforts to strike a deal.

This, of course, is total capitulation … a.k.a. what happens when a divided army simultaneously battles itself and its “frenemy.”

Democrats aren’t accepting the GOP’s unconditional surrender, though. Instead they are upping the ante – demanding spending increases in addition to more unsustainable borrowing (not to mention the full funding of Barack Obama’s socialized medicine law).

Lost in this high-stakes drama, though, has been the cost of this new borrowing. Seriously … how much deficit spending are we talking about over the next six weeks (assuming the Democrats eventually permit the GOP to surrender)?

Read more at [link to www.fitsnews.com]
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