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Message Subject Better than Black Friday!!! Walmart and Obama just Robbed Us with the sheeple
Poster Handle NotaNonviolentNegro
Post Content
It goes a lot further than that !!

Tax Refund Theft: 5 billion who knows ?

[link to www.cnbc.com]

ITIN - Additional Child Tax Credit: 4 billion who knows ?

[link to remember1986.com]

How many do they Prosecute ?

And now the IRS is in charge of the Healthcare System.

Someone has been robbing Amerika for some time ? When the Roosters come to Hatch, then will they truly reveal themselves.
 Quoting: Pony Up

See you still focus on the left hand while the top of the pyrimid robbing you blind watch this there no trickle down!
They’ve certainly profited from the friendly tax code. Together the 30, which include Wells Fargo, Mattel, Verizon, GE, and other well-known corporate brands, collected $10.6 billion in tax rebates during the three years Citizens for Tax Justice studied. Many of the companies on the list claim tax rebates while avoiding taxes altogether by parking profits in overseas shelters.
[link to www.thedailybeast.com]
See Its like racism sure black are racist but they dont have any power so it hurts them to be racist they need whites but a racist white can hurt a black because whites rule the world. Now you are focus on the taker taking pennies when the top forbes billionaire have whispered in someones ear in our government made a Glitch and profit off it theres no coincidence.
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