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Will President Obama order a credit default of the USA?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/14/2013 11:11 PM
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Will President Obama order a credit default of the USA?
The deadline for raising the debt ceiling is Thursday. If congress does not come up with a compromise to raise the ceiling then, according to the Federal Reserve we will default on the debt.

It is impossible to default on the debt. PERIOD. All the fear mongering is just to destroy the republican party.

However, if we do get to Thursday and no decision is made, what will President Obama do?

I truly believe he will use his power to actually forbid the Treasury from paying on the debt. IF this happens then we truly will be in default. By making this decision President Obama will be committing treason.

If this actually happens then people of GLP you better be at the stores and banks on Thursday evening and Friday morning to get all your money out and to stock up on beans, rice and canned goods.

My question to the GLPers is.

Will President Obama order the credit default of the USA on October 17, 2013?