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Message Subject Obama Executive Order spree - not just interesting, but scary....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I haven't found anything in the constitution about him making executive orders out side his duty over the army and navy I guess they must have ratified him to be over the Air Force, also he can call up the Militia but that has to be an
emergency and he has to do it in writing to the states and informing them of the facts, has to be for a attach on the USA but it really is suppose to be here in on our soil.
He has the right to name ambassadors, but only by agreement of senate, courts and other things like that but congress has some they only feel, all others have to be agreed to by the senate. He can says for some things from the senate but they don't have to comply.

These over reaching executive order are no constitutional. They are a big over reach.

I think this must have happen in 1913 when they changed some articles of the constitution without the states ratification. That would make it a fake constitution overlaying the real one.

Fooling, fakers, usurpers of there roles, over the state that the did not have a right, too.

So, They have been lying over and over and over again until people believed it!

Congress get it straight, not the president he doesn't have the power, you do. Your games are over!
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