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Message Subject My Episode "Alien Contact" of "UFO Hunters"got the show renewed for a 2nd season by the History Channel I just learned!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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William Birnes (UFO Hunters - History Channel - NY Times Best Selling Author) new book "UFO Hunters Season One" book which features a chapter on my own personal contact case, This was due to my being featured in the episode "Alien Contact" which detailed the the events surrounding two separate contactee's lives, Terrell Copeland and my own.

I would like to share what Bill Birnes shared in the UFO Hunters Season 1 book about Terrell's & my episode "Alien Contact".

"Of all the episodes in season 1 (UFO Hunters) it was the "Alien Contact" episode that, I believe, defined the show. The "Alien Contact" Episode became the the essence of UFO Hunters. Also Ironically enough, it was that same moment in episode 109 "Alien Contact" that got the show renewed for a second season. If you watch the show you know what I am talking about: The moment I turned to Terrell Copeland and suggested he was an alien hybrid. At which point Pat Uskert freaked out" - William Birnes

I had no clue the impact the episode has actually created! I''m blown away!

Michael Lee Hill

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48401176

Hybrids are a little more common than you might think, but modified hybrids, now those are a little harder to come by, and we can match the blood creatines amongst other anomalies. Curiously, the fact that you are public means you are no longer on mission or have been re-purposed.

I thought that I would mention it in case you had not yet considered it.

Best wishes,
We Who Watch

 Quoting: We Who Watch

I am living this in real time with no teachers of mentors to guide me, Any insiders I have in come in contact with have went out of their way to not divulge any info, I had to figure it out on my own.

You must know it was never the intent to keep the "Lost Tribes" Lost, Or Hidden even, I am here to put the puzzle pieces together and be a living biological clue to unlock mankinds hidden past and reality and I do believe the truth will set us free.
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