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Message Subject My Episode "Alien Contact" of "UFO Hunters"got the show renewed for a 2nd season by the History Channel I just learned!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I love your film artistry, some of those views are spectacular even without the UFOs.
 Quoting: crazycloud

Thank you but I can take no credit, It is as if they think well if we are going to let this guy film us, We may as well make it into a a Picasso ya know, The one time of the day time footage I began filming just because of the beauty of what I was seeing in the sunset with the millions of Chamtrails, who would have thought they could look so pretty?

Then the Orbs began to appear!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48401176

Have you shot video in IR or UV? It seems that activity can be seen better in those light ranges, at least so say some of the people I have spoken with.
 Quoting: We Who Watch

I learned from David Sereda that These objects sometimes could only be visible in Infra-red "Night Vision" and only became visible in our "Eyes sight" spectrum only if they slowed there frequency down, So I began to flip my Sony Digital Handycam into nightshot to bring out info the was not otherwise apparent, That works like showing certain spheres that were not visible to the naked eye yet showed up in infra-red.

I used that technique here, which has become my most famous footage...

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