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US Fiscal crisis key dates

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New Zealand
10/15/2013 03:12 PM
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US Fiscal crisis key dates
Here are key US dates to watch as Congress negotiates over raising the government's debt limit:

Thursday: This is when Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says the government would no longer be able to borrow. As a result, it would have to spend only from its cash on hand and tax revenue. Lew estimates that the Treasury would have about US$30b in cash.

October 21: The Treasury holds a weekly auction of three-month and six-month Treasury bills. The proceeds from these auctions will replace maturing securities. So they don't add to the debt limit. The auction would be an early test of how investors will respond to a failure to raise the borrowing limit. Nervous investors would likely demand higher rates, thereby raising the government's borrowing costs.

October 22: Sometime between this date and October 31, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the government would run out of cash. It would have to slash spending 32 percent over the next month, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center. Treasury would probably make its top priority the payment of interest and principal on its debt to avoid a default. Either way, some programs wouldn't be funded, possibly including Social Security, veterans' benefits and Medicare.

October 23: A US$12b Social Security payment is due. Without an increase in the debt limit, Treasury might have to wait two days to accumulate enough cash to make that payment, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center. Missing the payment would likely intensify fears that the government will soon default.

October 24: The government must redeem US$93b in short-term debt. It will likely raise the cash to do so at its October 21 auction. But it's possible that Treasury would run short of cash or some error might occur, resulting in default.

October 31: The Treasury must pay US$6b in interest on the debt. If it doesn't have enough cash, it would default. If the debt limit hasn't been raised by this point, much higher rates and far less government spending would likely nudge the economy toward recession.

November 1: The government faces a stack of bills: US$25b in Social Security benefits, US$18b in Medicare reimbursements, US$12b in military pay and veterans' benefits and US$3b for other benefit programs. With no increase in the debt limit, these payments would likely be delayed at least two weeks, the Bipartisan Policy Center estimates, to give the government time to build up cash.

November 15: The Treasury must make an additional US$29b in interest payments. If the economy has slowed and tax payments fall short of expectations, the government might not have enough cash and would have to default.

[link to www.stuff.co.nz]

A lot of time still after the 17th but I still think they will pass a bill by then.
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