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3:33 10.15.13 President and House Dems Grin in Oval Office

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10/15/2013 04:09 PM
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3:33 10.15.13 President and House Dems Grin in Oval Office
Two month funding and 5 month Debt increase... and they get Obamacare? What is with the funny grins on their faces? Maybe that is the funny grin you give your doctor before the prostate exam.... Officially Obamacare is already in place and now it looks like it will be funded for its first three months as law. I see a precedent in favor of the President. I don't think the Cruz Rebellion did anything but give us a test run for the preparation of Martial Law. What concerns me more is whether or not these who grin, know what is coming from the Celestial Realms. If they do and are protecting their own assets while letting the rest of us falter in surprise, "then may the Lord redirect their predictions and surprise their own assets with devastation and may the Creator protect the lambs(those whom are being intentionally made vulnerable by those who are in the 'know". And they are in the 'know' because of the high tech equipment purchased by the blood sweat and tears of the lambs tax dollars) with grace. Where will the fireball fall? It very well may fall on the heads of those who are hiding the facts the most. Don't stand to close to those who are most guilty and desperately Need the Avengers Saving Act."