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Complaint and Summons 2014

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 48459742
10/16/2013 03:15 PM
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Complaint and Summons 2014
Mimi Villegas Galdi

Buenos Aires, Argentina / Torrance, California, United States of America

Parker • Stanbury's Los Angeles offices, 444 South Flower Nineteenth Floor Los Angeles , California 90071-2901 United States (213) 622-5124 (213) 622-4858 FAX la@parkstan.com

Torrance Superior Court Los Angeles Federal Court

825 Maple Avenue 312 North Spring Street

Torrance, CA 90501 Los Angeles, CA 90012

310-222-8812 213-894-1565

Mimi Villegas Galdi,



Bright Dental Now! Phillip Megdal,

Jordan Moss,

Katrina Mejia-Blom,

Dale Blom

City of Redondo Beach

State of California

United States of America

















Galdi vs. Megdal YCO30202

*Restraining Order 6/94 reinstatement

* Case No YCO30202: Galdi vs. Megdal

* Case No: State Of California Board of Dental Examiners

* Case No: United States of America Cr-02-00349CAS

Plaintiff’s Complaint and Summons 2014 hearing which will be filed and processed

yearly. Acknowledgement, hearing and settlement of criminal, civil charges of formal

complaints, allowed by Statute of limitations under the ‘tolling of Statues’ law

permitting Count (1.) *Galdi vs. Megdal YCO30202 validity with acts being criminal,

waving statute of limitations, caused by time toll being perpetual. Plaintiff prays for

Count (2.) *Wrongful denial of restraining order by Commissioner Bruce Mitchell.

Plaintiff prays for Count (3.) *Wrongly revoked license by the State of California,

corruption, massive federal and state perjury and racial baton passing by the

Moss-Mejia-Blom Syndrome to be acknowledged and addressed including individuals and

parties assigned themselves for own motives. Plaintiff prays for Count (4.) Wrongful

arrest with malicious intent, massive perjury, corruption by selective enforcement, racial

favoritism baton passing, ethnic discrimination, pure undiluted evil by Zionist

Jews in espionage-high treason infiltrated in agencies, under guise-treason of employment

in City, State and Federal positions to act as such, high treason with globalist agenda of the

United States by them. Former FBI special agent Frank Jester, accomplice Deputy Mike

Leibrich and all authority willingly and selectively involved in cases to be acknowledged,

prosecuted and convicted. Upon plaintiffs death by health reasons or murder, Summons

Complaint will be filed and processed on yearly basis until acknowledged and heard by

other parties.

Plaintiff Demand:

1. VICTIMS IMPACT STATEMENT for Galdi vs. Megdal YCO30202; Defendants

Phillip Megdal, Jordan Moss, Katrina Mejia-Blom, Dale Blom.

Acknowledgement and address: Galdi vs. Megdal YCO30202 prosecution and conviction

of defendants. (No clause states charges can not be done concurrently as part of a judicial

legal process or Judge having jurisdiction to discretion.)

2. Non-negotiable settlement of 100 Trillion Dollars from the Bright Dental Now!

Phillip Megdal Corporation, most to be donated. Compensation of all damages,

including severe and grotesque perpetual punitive damages, caused by Defendants and Co-

Defendants including City, State, Federal.

3. State of California Board of Dental Examiners/Consumer Affairs corruption,

misconduct and wrongful revoked license reinstatement by Zionist Jews within

department and their counterparts of two other ethnicities, including and foremost both

parties assigning themselves in fraudulent case including Dr. Martin St. Michel or goes

by other alias making false psychological evaluations to side for his own race. Termination,

prosecution and conviction. Maximum compensation allowed by State of California which

will be mainly donated.

4. Mimi Villegas Galdi vs. United States of America * Case No: United States of

America Cr-02-00349CAS Corruption, false arrest, racial baton passing, high treason with

all that each entails. Termination, prosecution and conviction of former federal agent

Frank Jester, Sherriff Deputy Mike Leibrich and Judge William Beverly Jr., Judge

Margaret Nagel, Judge Cristina A. Snyder, unfit for duty, removed from bench

immediately. Maximum compensation allowed for all damages, including severe and

grotesque perpetual punitive damages, caused by Defendants and Co-Defendants along

with corruption of Federal, State of California, County of Los Angeles and City of

Redondo Beach in the maximum amount which would apply, most to be

donated. Expungement of all City, State and Federal against plaintiff.

Prosecution and termination of former Federal Agent Frank Jester, former Deputy Mike

Leibrich and parties who conspired.

5. Prosecution and conviction of Fred Hauser. for aiding and abetting, perjury and

other high crime. Restatement on wrongfully denied restraining order/perjury 6/1994 by

Commissioner Bruce Mitchell presiding and removed from duty there after. Restraining

order against Dale Blom, Fred Hauser within a mile radius from Plaintiff.