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Lucas Jewell Discloses Testimony in Kokesh Grand Jury


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10/22/2013 10:42 AM

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Lucas Jewell Discloses Testimony in Kokesh Grand Jury
The government flew me out to DC from Florida at a total cost of just over $800 to have me talk in front of the “grand jury”… It’s very clear that the government is keeping a very close eye on social media as they knew the entire situation of me keeping control of the facebook page and quipped about conspiracies of me being a federal agent which I thought was pretty funny… the prosecutor (who happens to be very beautiful) and all officers involved were respectful and treated me well for the most part… before everything started I was told my rights which included a right to an attorney and my 5th amendment right both of which I immediately invoked… I spoke with my lawyer and let him know my concerns about self incrimination to which he advised me not to answer certain questions… I didn’t recall a lot of the specific details because it had been so long and they seemed too insignificant at the time for me to make a effort to remember them…

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