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Message Subject Earthquake Alert~Always Updated
Poster Handle Simple27
Post Content
Went out to get the mail. There's a rainbow around the sun! Also, about 10 min ago, just sitting here, got a really crazy left ear tone. It's was long, like 10-15 seconds, both ears popped and I felt funny for 2 min after. Like when you are in a car, heading up the Mountain. It was one of those tones where out of just one ear, it's like you go deaf, but for the long ring. Then the ring stops, and sound comes back. Weird and anyone else get crazy ear tones like that?
[Sun] [link to i59.tinypic.com]
[Sunn] [link to i61.tinypic.com]
The neighbor planted a brand new little rose bush quite a few months ago. It's already blooming. I didn't know a small, new rose plant could bloom so soon.
[Baby Roses] [link to i60.tinypic.com]
 Quoting: deanoZXT

Thanks for the pics Deano! You always take great photos!!

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