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Message Subject WARNING: I believe THE ANTI-CHRIST has set himself up in God's temple proclaiming himself to be God. Have we found THE ANTI-CHRIST?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I do not have the holy spirit. Even if I did, still don't trust me.

I am more like Satan.
 Quoting: Harbinger Of Truth

So you are full of shit basically, is that what you are meaning ?
 Quoting: rekameohsnad

The truth does not argue with the truth. This is a warning to you. Do not sin against me.
 Quoting: Harbinger Of Truth

Huh ? Who is arguing with you ?

I am simply asking for a second of your own reflections about you.
 Quoting: rekameohsnad

You asked a question. I explained my circumstances. I also tried to prevent stumbling blocks. Like one asking why I live with my mother. You disrespected me. Be careful, God might get angry.

Throughout my life many don't seem to understand me. So I tend to break it down for them.

Oh yea, the warning was because people seem to have a habit of calling down curses upon themselves.


As for those who may not understand. A low me to explain in greater detail. It seems no matter what I do someone will react in such a manner. Throughout my life many people don't seem to understand me. As a result I tend to explain myself. I guess its selfish to want to be understood. Well, allow me to break it down.

I live with my mother for I am an unwed virgin. My brother is her also.

- I was asked how can I afford this room. Well, I have roommates. I mentioned I was a virgin because a virgin is suppose to cleave to their wife once married. I was trying to prevent a stumbling block. One might ridicule me for living with my mother thus calling curses down on themselves. I want you to be blessed. I am trying to avoid the curses. They are real. I believe I have seen some in action.

I have a part time job at a gas station. My boss was nice enough to let me only work in the food area when I refused to sell poison(cigarettes) to my beloved. May God bless him.

- Part time job. Low income. So I wanted to explain that it's not to bad in my situation. Gas station. One might assume I am sinning by working there selling cigs. So I tried to prevent evil thoughts. Pay attention to how Paul talks.

God has blessed me. Rent is around $170 for me. Bus is around $60 for 40 days to work. More or less. Then food. I don't have many possessions so that's also less expenses. I am only 26 years old. I have no car. I ride a bike. So yea, simple lifestyle. Not to expensive.

- Part time job can afford this can it not? I was asked how to explain my situation. How can one not understand a bit more after reading this?
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