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Message Subject WARNING: I believe THE ANTI-CHRIST has set himself up in God's temple proclaiming himself to be God. Have we found THE ANTI-CHRIST?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just Know That All The Old Angels, Prophets, And Notables Of Yore Are Now Back In Body, Including The Opposition..!

 Quoting: The Operator. 47921016

Is that so? How do you know?
 Quoting: Harbinger Of Truth

This Is Sample OP Just Read My Reply On Your Other Thread
I Did Explain The Process ..!

The Human Heart Feels Things The Eyes Cannot See, ....And Knows.... What The Mind Cannot Understand..!

You Know Those Petals Of The Heart .....Higher Self, Soul Matrix, 7 Centers. Humonoid, Adamic DNA. Heart Center-Fulcrum-Being, With Potential To Higher, Going Inward. Heart Connection To Diety Potential, If Pursued In Life.

Once You Have That Radian Heart Petals Activated You Rely Upon Yourself(Petals Of The Heart) To Teach Yourself All You Need To Know And Understand Regarding This Amazing Aspect Of Reality Everything Is There.

 Quoting: The Operator. 47921016

Seems to be new teachings?
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