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Message Subject Girl I'm seeing got her friend to pretend she was another girl so I would hit on her and get caught slippin... Ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
every situation is unique ...

the truth is that a lot of men do cheat and maybe she's been cheated on and doesn't want to get her heart broken again .....just ask her to be honest with you and to open up about why she did it

Tell her that y'all will never have a great relationship if she doesn't trust you and you ..her

But like I said ...every situation is unique ...... even if she has been hurt before and is trying to protect herself ....how she went about it is immature

But who knows.....maybe she does have something to worry about ....

if I was in a committed relationship and another woman texted me out of the blue and was saying the things to me that you said she said to you then I wouldn't of been texting with her for a few days........i would of said ......I'm flattered but no thanks ..I'm in a committed relationship.....that's takes about 5 mins ...not a few days
 Quoting: Simple_Man

It wasnt like I was encouraging the situation. I had a feeling it wasn't real the minute I got the text. I was showing her the texts as they came in. At no point did I express interest. I thought it was a friend playing a prank to be honest.

Pussy does not come that easily. I'm not naive lol.

Also, we are not officially together. We have been seeing each other for about four months. I had plans on making it official but this definitely put a damper on the situation.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43913773

I understand ....

Your just a internet guy that I don't know....everybody handles situations differently

I've just learned that in my short 35 years on earth that the longer I allow myself to be tempted by a situation the more likely I am to give into to it

But that's me ...maybe you're different

Hope all works out well for you
 Quoting: Simple_Man

Thank you for the advice. You are older than and - in these types of situations - most likely wiser than I. I appreciate it.

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