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Message Subject ALIEN artifacts DISCLOSED by Mexican Government!!! VIDEOS!! - PIN WORTHY ! -
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Finally it is happening!!! Mexican governments are REVEALING Alien artifacts and objects as first state in the world!!

All info and videos taken from:
[link to alternanews.net]

Mayan secrets of alien connection to be unmasked by Mexican Government in ’2013′?

Recently there has been a substantial amount of suspicious fascination with what is apparently full disclosure from the Mexican government in regards to never before seen Mayan items obviously depicting aliens and spacecraft.

Press-conference Presentation by scientists of the Alien Artifacts disclosed by Mexican Governments:

The Mexican government is delivering state-held secrets about the end-of the Mayan calendar. The information — secured for 80 years — is likely to reveal Mayan values in future catastrophes and wisdom known as ‘scary.’

‘The Mayans used to make one pyramid over another,’ tourist minister for the Mexican state of Campeche Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado told TheWrap. ‘In the website at Calakmul, workers for INAH [the National Institute of Anthropology and History] have identified areas in the pyramid that have never been observed or explored before.

Visual presentation of all artifacts in high definition and quality:

Full story: [link to alternanews.net]

This is some AMAZING stuff!! Does this mean the good guys are getting into the power and the elite???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20118546

no, it means that the Bible is 100% correct and that those of us who refused to enter flesh and came to earth anyway to screw the flesh females were, are, and will be those known as "the fallen angels"

who are and have been the demonic entities of lucifer since first falling away in the former Age

and they've been coming to the earth and raising hell as often as they possibly could from the very foundations of this present earth Age

just that simple, and they are scheduled to return at the 6th Trumpet to deceive the world, and most of you are already marked accordingly

not rocket science after all

what's with all the super surprise in their regard, as if they were some new thing just being discovered when they're as old as we are and that's saying something

as we too lived on earth in the former Age, and have only forgotten when we entered flesh

you will feel like a fool when your memory returns to you at the 7th Trumpet

with good reason I imagine

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