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Message Subject California Impeach Feinstein or Please Secede From USA & Take Her With You - by Martin Armstrong
Poster Handle Elsabiades..
Post Content
Until and unless we oust every encumbent from office and impose, via State legistures, a measure seeking a constitutional amendment; AND TERM LIMITS-The permanent political class will arrogantly continue the Zionist's agenda. AIPAC control our foreign policy. EVERY draconian ACT to circuvent and subvert our rights is sponsored or co-sponsored by a zionist in Congress; whether jewish, or, a jewish functionary (McCain, who recieve over $700,000.00 for jewish PAC's and Super PAC's). The ZPC (Zionist Power Configuration) "legally" owns Congress. 94 of 100 members of the Senate recieved between $50,000.00 and ONE MILLION DOLLARS from jewish interests in the last election. It does not matter whether you are a member of the "blue" or "red" team. It's time to JOIN the American TEAM.
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