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Message Subject California Impeach Feinstein or Please Secede From USA & Take Her With You - by Martin Armstrong
Poster Handle SFC_Swede
Post Content
The "agenda" is clear: multiculturalism/pluralism = unrestricted immigration/amnesty; the dissolution of the Bill of Rights/Individual liberty; the breakdown of American Culture; the disarmament of the American Citizen; the criminalization of speech; "hate crime" legislation to jail those who revisit history ( the case of Ernst Zundel ); the nationalization/militarization/federalization of LOCAL law enforcement; and, the empowerment of the Central Government (Der Fatherland's Homeland Security; USA Anti-Patriot Act; NDAA). Will the American People realize/recognize the enemy before it is too late? The enemy is within the gates.
Solutions? First, no dual citizen should be allowed to seek public office. Second, ALL foreign lobbiests MUST register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) INCLUDING THE ISRAELI'S.
 Quoting: Elsabiades..

^^^THIS X1000

You read the story where this whore is about reap a billion through the sale of postal properties through her husband? I am sick and tired of "public servants" enriching themselves on the backs of We the People! That money should be sold, and put toward the debt, or given back to the taxpayers...read TAXPAYERS...and not the usual crowd of takers.

But we all know that isnt going to happen.

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