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Message Subject California – Impeach Feinstein or Please Secede From USA & Take Her With You - by Martin Armstrong
Poster Handle Elsabiades..
Post Content
perhaps only for the peons, the military individuals who do not uphold thier oaths.
 Quoting: No Dhimmi

Brother...I know you are aware of the military purge that is ongoing. Flag Grade officers are dropping like flies, and many good officers and NCOs are also being forced out, or merely quitting because of the toxic environment in the services today.
 Quoting: SFC_Swede

Indeed, I just posted this today:

Thread: ALLEN WEST: CONGRESS MUST PROBE MILITARY FIRINGS:Sees trend of relieving hundreds of senior officers as orchestrated from Oval Office
 Quoting: No Dhimmi

Goofy Thum

Sadly...people dont study history anymore. Many tyrants have purged the military leadership in the past, a la Stalin. Granted, these guys arent being murdered, but they are being forced out....and then notice the silence from them...leading me to believe they have been threatened in some way...be it a loss of their retirements and benefits, or worse.
 Quoting: SFC_Swede

If we had one honest, un-affiliated jounalist in the Country; he/she would have ALREADY interviewed these former commanders. This is one of the most "newsworthy" issues that has arisen over the last few weeks.
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