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Message Subject Pulsating And Expanding Western Sky UFO - October 26, 2013
Poster Handle Wildthing
Post Content
saw this last night in the NW sky....I've seen it before too, over the past several years. I had to walk out back of my house to get into my car, I noticed it was there again. My husband was waiting around front in his car (I had to return a rental car). So on the way home, we're both in the same car and I asked if he had his camera and tripod in the car. He said yes and asked why. I told him about this blinking light. So we pulled around back, it was still there, got out of the car, and it was gone! That fast! Never saw it again last night. It was cloudy out earlier tonight, I'm going out to check again right now. If I see anything, I'll take a pic and post it. Thanks for the vid. BTW...does it feel like it's almost "watching" you? I kinda get that feeling.
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