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Message Subject Pulsating And Expanding Western Sky UFO - October 26, 2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I didn't want to do this...but here goes..

I've seen that in NH. Weirdly, despite the distinct "Western" description, I saw it in the East, roughly 10pm or so. It stood out to me, as I tend to notice unusual things in the sky (low flying aircraft, typically). I can confirm the green-red-white color combos.

I WILL say this....I have noticed low flying aircraft that had a bizarre light pattern that looked very much like this. The flash frequency is similar and the colors are correct.

Not to rain the "aliens are coming" parade, but I think there is a real possibility we are seeing increased drone activity. I have friends in VA who confirmed aircraft flying around with an unfamiliar sound and behavior. Was low enough to confirm it was an aircraft, just an unfamiliar one.

Anyone, that's my two cents from NH.
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