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Message Subject My wife is a psychic in denial about her gift. This is her dream about aliens.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did she notice what planet she was on or find a calendar. When she's floating around (or any of you).

Find a calendar and a clock if she has the level of control to do so.

Even better, the stars. You can let your wife know I've seen it as well, it would be a human colony of humans that escape earth because they won't comply with the new order. So opportunity is given to the colonists and their 300,000 troops (roughly 8 million people go with a couple of ships left on earth).

They land, set up and then start acting like Wall street captains there. They cross a line, then they are wiped out to a few. Then something interesting happens. A traveller visiting, a friendly one, settles the dispute and get them straightened out with 'while in rome...yada yada yada.'

Anycase, yes, it is a blood bath, but peace is made there.

You will all have visions of the future, of the NEW future of this planet sorting it's crap out so it can become part of the stars.

You guys are going to LOVE it. It going to be so awesome. Tonnes of new friends and of course dickheads by the bag load (hey, that's life). Love affairs, new types of humans come from that (you've all got lots of extra DNA to play with thanks to your donors) and some wildly awesome scenery.

It's going to be great.
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