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Message Subject UFO Close Encounter in Michigan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I thought when a vehicle has a close encounter with a craft the lights/engine/etc. are disabled? The car that was scanned was running the whole time...
 Quoting: Too Dark Park

Good point.

For anyone that's interested here's two more videos from another uploader of a UFO with same green laser beam. The 2nd one is better

Not trying to knock the videos but I find it suspicious how both uploaders have the same writing style.

Research4truth12: Alert!! Another UFO Close Encounter in Michigan! Oct 27, 2013
jcattera: Alert!! The orb made another appearance on Oct 12, 2013!

Research4truth12 13 hours ago
Jcattera! My friend! Please please please! mirror my video to your channel! I give you all the rights to it as I have zero subs! We've got to get the word out! They all seem to be arriving in droves! You've got to see what I caught on my camcorder this past weekend! I almost got abducted! Please watch!
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jcattera 13 hours ago
Wow!! You've got some amazing footage there my friend! Will do! I'll go ahead an mirror it for you. Thanks for providing me the rights to your video. You're object had the same green beam as mine did but the geometry of the craft looked much much bigger! And it had a stable color. Btw, I'm glad you're ok!
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 Quoting: youtube comments

And why would you name the first video as "1st appearance" unless you knew there would be a "2nd appearance"? Disregard if youtube lets you change titles I'm not sure how they work. Still thought it might be worth noting.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11421136

Yep it's the same guy for sure. He want's sub's, views and cash, simple as that. Fakers are scum.
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