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Message Subject UFO Close Encounter in Michigan
Poster Handle Harley Chunnam
Post Content

The uploader:

"I live in a rural part of Southeast Michigan and saw this object near my home on the night of Oct 27, 2013, so I followed it down a dirt road and finally ended up in a field crop. Once I got out of vehicle, it started moving towards me. So, I ran like hell for a bit. It was making a low sounding weird noise and had a beam shining on my vehicle for a while.

What the heck do you think this is people?? This thing scared this bejesus out of me! "
 Quoting: Kael

OP, the posting certainly was written to sound like you were there! OMHO, this is nothing more then a remote controlled drone with lights.
 Quoting: Holycrapbatman

Guys, read the OP's original post - it clearly says "The uploader" - if it was his video he wouldn't have bothered slipping that in, would he? The original uploader did speak as if he was there, because he was!

Come on folks, OP is just sharing a video. He never claimed it was his...
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