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Message Subject OMG --> UFO 'Close Encounter' Videotaped in Michigan, USA
Poster Handle MONSTER
Post Content
Debunked my fucking ass asshole! Why not say it's debunked because the sky is blue?" They haven't debunked jackshit! What proof do they have?? Nothing!!

Unfortunately, some people are afraid to admit its a real UFO even though they are watching it, so they would prefer to believe in a half ass unproven theory of a quadcopter with LED lights. Well, that's just a pathetic bunch of pussys I say.

Little do they know a quadcopter does not have the capability of carrying a payload over 1.25 lbs. The way this thing moved doesn't not indicate a puny quadcopter either.

This thing has a ton of thrust. The object has a width of over 6 ft comparing it to the car below it. That's just way too big for a small 4 motor quadcopter. Plus, add the weight of the laser and a heat sink - not to mention a heavy ass power supply just for the laser alone.

People just love to pass off things they are afraid of with little or no evidence to support their shitty debunking claim.
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