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Virtual Democracy,at last!:)

User ID: 49315953
11/02/2013 04:33 PM
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Virtual Democracy,at last!:)
Back in 2002 ,I have made,with some great effort,a site called
or virtual democracy in english,on geocities.com
I have uploaded the project,my project of the Constitution of Virtual Democracy and a few other things
and saved them to my hdd and kept them
the site dissapeared because it was free and I was unable to pay geocities with dollars at that time,me being in Romania

Since then I have pressured the Romanian Government to make another project called
a forum where 23 million people could sign in ,vote and propose laws,electing leaders and so on
there will be no more need for parliament as this method of direct democracy allows each citizen to vote on legislation and to propose measures and legislation

Since that time the project progressed in a speed of a mad snail:)))
12 million dollars were spent
Oracle databases and IBM servers were established in a few major cities
the gov passed on the net the majority of its bureaucracy
which severely cut into corruption of gov officials
now all forms can be downloaded and taxes paid on the net on that site

but this is not all folks
I have just been informed that the main forum is going live
23 million romanians will have accounts there
identified by IP and ID and password to prevent multiple votes
something our gov is very fond of:)))
remember the 400% voting presence last year?:)))

if you are concerned about personal safety make a login with something like Lucifer666 or another conspiracy name
right,this is a conspiracy website
also the adresses of librareries and musems are available
use them
no one needs to know wher you live if dont want to
but soon we will not need those politicians:)
and I am a politician myself