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Message Subject If as ancient alien theorists believe, what type of aliens like Gothic architecture so much that
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
from the outside it looks like two cubes fused together. i was in the central courtyard. we know the gothic churches as grey or black. these buildings had a sandstone or limestone finish. one was a large square with a staircase down. there is a small antechamber. the other was longer leading to a "library" more like a large walkway. then the watchtower which was empty.
 Quoting: Montclair de Rallo-Tubbs 49368010

Ahh, do you mean a kind of hypogeum.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to t2.gstatic.com]

Within these structures telluric current is strong, spark of life is possible.

The story of Jesus going in to a cave and being resurrected is an example of one of the uses of a hypogeum.

Also the double cubes represent something, but it alludes me now.
 Quoting: acuk

two of them...i assume different entrances from the two cubes
 Quoting: Montclair de Rallo-Tubbs 49368010

do the cubes overlap each other?

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