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Subject UFO Or Angel Caught In Florida Swimming Pool. Pulsating Hole. (News Video)
Poster Handle Radtraveler
Post Content
Maybe this has already been posted and I missed it. The video was published on YouTube in Aug 2013. This was on the local news from Naples, Fl. Feel free to watch the whole 2:23 min video or you can go to the 0:56 sec mark and see the “Being of Light”. I do not have any video editing programs so don’t even start complaining. Notice that the reporter says that there appears to be a saucer shape on the top. It is tilted over. If you notice there is a hole that opens and closes in the middle of the saucer part. You may want to watch the video a few times and get an ideal of the of pulsations and how the hole pulsates opens and closes. Also notice the wing. What kind of wing does that remind you of?

[link to www.youtube.com]
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