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Message Subject ISON bringing FIREBALLS to the EARTH!! - Several LARGE sightings this week! - SPECTACULAR electrical discharge event in CANADA!!!
Poster Handle More questions than answers!
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Agreed, but if you've got thousands of volts in any event traveling down cables in city streets no wonder your houses go on fire!!!
 Quoting: More questions than answers!

The energy passes through the transformer before supplying houses. The transformer would blow first as it did in the video
 Quoting: myeyesropenow42

Okay, so what is the voltage in the transmission lines before the transformers?

And does each house or block have its own?
 Quoting: More questions than answers!

In a city or town there are usually several people on one transformer. In rural area there is a single transformer per house in alot of cases There are 7,200 vollts before the transformer the transformer reduces it to 240 volts
 Quoting: myeyesropenow42

Jezzzzz, 7,200 volts!! I can see why you have so many electrical problems!

I assume this voltage is necessary owing to the distances involved for distribution, after all there would be less loss in transmission!

Why down to 240v and not 115v?
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