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DAVID CAMERON... one day

User ID: 39968379
United Kingdom
11/03/2013 04:32 PM
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DAVID CAMERON... one day

Cameron lit the devil's flame, which hypnotized the sheeps before him,
As the mass's were enlightened by his words of power, the flame begun to dim
He spoke words of wisdom to them, but to me it was all wrong,
it just proved i wasn't a sheep, as it was all shit that rolled off Cameron's tongue.
I could clearly see the controlling power bubble from his scaly skin,
As the mass's of sheep were shouting for more, my patients wore thin,
i couldn't stand to watch no more as these people fell for all the system,
that would see the world divide, by the powers of corruption.
I tried so hard to re-arrange what Cameron stated into an easier words,
so that these fucking sheep could stop acting, like a bunch of brain dead turds,
just to get them to wake up and see, what this man just said,
because if i heard right, in the future, this system they have in place will see our world, dead.
So there i was, making a stand right in front of the PM himself,
As i shouted amongst his support, he only wishes to benefit from our health and wealth,
I continued with strong words, for only the crowd to look back,
and gave me a load of abuse, and then i came under attack.
How the fuck can this world survive if the sheep will not awake?
Its them who are the mass's, who seem to allow all this fake,
all this corruption, this system that is cruel,
that will soon see your hard earned wage, being spent just on the price of fuel.
As everything here is rising in price but our wages never do,
and when the mass's start to cry about it, i ask why? ''its all because of you''!
You voted in this scum, that now has turned your life upside down,
this fucking corrupted government, under strict orders from the crown.
But a small amount of time later, the government comes up with another plan,
that guarantee's a job, and extra benefits for the working man,
and again the sheep go running, signing up to agree,
and when they find a job if they actually can, the tax man comes a calling, as you get nothing extra that comes for free.
For the government are not there for you and your best interest,
for they are a bunch of evil cunts, that i strongly detest.
But i am powerless to this system, as to many of these sheeps allow this to go on,
So i stand with a clear message to all you sheeps and government, my love for you is none.
I will never accept your crap, nor will i comply with it too,
you fucking hate me, and i fucking hate you,
there its plain and simple, keep your bills, tax and lies away,
as i hope to be the cause of when your system crashes down, one very soon to be day.

Cameron lit the devils flame, only this time, nobody came!

Stockport Survivor

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