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Subject Bigfoot Hunt Leaves Three Arrested, One Shot - None Are Sasquatch Nor Even As Smart
Poster Handle Okie
Post Content
Yes, it's things like this that allow me to not only overlook but sometimes join right in with the generalized mocking of my fellow Okies. It could've happened about anywhere, but dangit, of course it didn't.

The two men were hunting - apparently for Bigfoot - around 177th East Avenue and Tiger Switch Road Saturday night. Omar Pineda reportedly heard a "barking noise," jerked and shot his friend in the back, authorities say.

"When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that?" Sheriff Walton said Sunday morning.

[link to www.newson6.com]

We've had tales of Sasquatch in various parts of the state, especially the southeastern part in the Kiamichi Mountains for ever, and the Indian tales and legends, but I guess you just need to toss in some rednecks and meth-heads to finally really put some bang to them.

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