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Message Subject November 3, 2013 UFO In Western Sky - Best Video To Date! PROOF it is NOT Venus!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This has been there my entire life...

Please read this so that you understand what is going on:
"Stars twinkle because they are so far from Earth that they appear as point sources of light easily disturbed by Earth's atmospheric turbulence which acts like lenses and prisms diverting the light's path. Scintillation occurs because astronomical objects are points of light so small that they fall upon only one rod at a time in the human retina. As the point of light moves from rod to rod to rod, the star will "twinkle". Large astronomical objects closer to Earth, like the Moon and other planets, encompass many points in space and can be resolved as objects with observable diameters."

Twinkling is when a star or "ufo" rapidly changes color, shape, and size. Above is the reason that happens.

Digital cameras are built very similar to the human eye, so that above applies to them as well.

If you wish to prove this is a ufo use a film video camera with a stable tripod. If it changes color rapidly on film with a stable tripod, then you might have something.
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