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Message Subject November 3, 2013 UFO In Western Sky - Best Video To Date! PROOF it is NOT Venus!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We see this every night in Bulgaria and it's getting brighter, lighting up the sky. It sits there, almost not moving at all for about an hour or more, and then it seems to be gone within 15 mins, planets don't drop out the sky like that as Earth travels around it's normal path . agent

Venus my ass! bananasex
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1265190

Kinda agree. Because I feel at one point it was 'over' Venus, so it was thought to have been Venus. But when I first noticed it, Venus was right next to it. To me, was like look at a bright planet and its moon. And I am aware of how stars pulsate when looking at them with the naked eye. But this thing... there is no way this is a planet. I have been looking at the sky all my life and have not ever seen a planet that bright. Depending on where I am. And not where I am now.

I have seen this type of thing a lot growing up. Especially as a child living in Yuma, AZ (early-mid 70's) and a decade or so later in Campo, CA (mid 80's). As well as many dessert parties I been too(05-07). Was always told they were satellites or planets. Everything up there basically orbits. These were always stationary for hours upon hours. Until morning and often wondered if they were still there during the day.

I say UFO, simply because it is 'Unidentifiable' to me.
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