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Message Subject November 3, 2013 UFO In Western Sky - Best Video To Date! PROOF it is NOT Venus!!
Poster Handle Karlos
Post Content
I think this one might be Vega.
The sky app shows this 'object' to be immediately south of Lyra (3 mins 22 in the video).... Right beside the stars Sheliak and Sulafat.
It wouldn't take much of a discrepancy between the camera and the angle a hand-held device is pointed, to account for that.
Vega is bright, and is only about 7º away from Sheliak and Sulafat.

I was out last night with my regular observing buddy, and during the night both of us were looking at that area of the sky.
(We both observed m56 and m57. M57 is in between Sheliak and Sulafat, and m56 is a little left of there)
We have more than 70yrs observing experience between us. If there really was an unknown object in that part of the sky, we'd have seen it.

Oh! And please focus manually, without the app to put this in the vicinity of Vega, it could have been just about any small bright light source. There's no way to tell what it is, if going by just the image of the object.
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