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Poster Handle rhino8
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Don't lump pat boon in with christians.

That guy is a freak. This is the same pat boone that dressed up in leather and peirced his nipples to become an "example" to the other leather types.

Sure Jesus Christ ate with sinners....but I highly doubt he participated in their shenanigans to win them over.

There's a big difference in not excluding fellowship with someone to win them over and acting and behaving like them to "win" them over.

Pat Boon......has crossed the line.

I guess I should become a bar hopping drinker so I can witness to the drunks.

How far you think I'd get with that ?
I have nothing against Pat Boone....he might even have faith in Jesus.....I won't judge that....i have no clue.

But at some point you have to decide if a person is worth listening to.....and I think pat boon has proved he isn't a good authority on bush and his ilk.

He might be sincere in his beleifs but he's sincerely wrong about bush as well as other "jerry falwell" type xtians who think bushness is next to godliness.

Well I'm a christian and i've never supported bush-fraud and i'm not a liberal advocate of gay marriage or abortion or a tree hugger.

Christians aren't your enemy......it's the knee jerk churchites and the vicious jesuits and roman catholic church that compose the BLOCK of "so called christians" that are supporting idiocy and treason.
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