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Will Ex-Egyptain President Morsi Breakout of Jail?--Tied toProphecy?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 49432426
11/04/2013 08:28 AM
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Will Ex-Egyptain President Morsi Breakout of Jail?--Tied toProphecy?
will rioters help the former president break loose...putting him in a jail cell in the heart of cairo is making this seemingly possible.

[link to www.lbcgroup.tv]

another narration/prophecy states:

there will be a man 'Akhnas' أخنس from bani ummayiah in egypt who will rule but will he will be ousted, so he will escape to al-room {Rome/US/EU}, so that al-room will then come against ahyl al-islam. that is the start of al-malhamah[great slaughter]
[link to www.discoveringislam.org]
narration #1358

one of the defination of 'Akhnas' means lion
and mursi was born on august 20, 1951
[link to www.biography.com]
which makes him a Leo
a lion
"Akhnas Masr"
Lion of Egypt/
Leo of Egypt


will the spotted one/military uniform will succeed Mursi once he escapes to Al-room/Rome aka EU/US after being ousted?

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