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Mary of Agreda - the speech Jesus gave in the temple at the age of 12

Anonymous Coward
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11/05/2013 10:25 AM
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Mary of Agreda - the speech Jesus gave in the temple at the age of 12
Mary of Agreda - the speech Jesus gave in the temple at the age of 12

Source: The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, Manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda, 1602-1666, (Rome City, IN, 1912) , vol 3 The Transfixion, pp. 50-53 pdf at www.themostholyrosary.com/mystical-city.htm

Mary writes of Jesus speaking at the temple at the age of 12

"The Divine Child spoke to them as follows: "The question concerning the coming of the Messias and the answer given to it, I have heard and understood completely. In order to propose my difficulty in regard to its solution, I presuppose what the Prophets say, that his coming shall be in great power and majesty, which has also been confirmed by the testimonies brought forward. For Isaias says, that He shall be our Law-giver and King, who shall save his people (Isaias 30:27),and David, that He shall crush all his enemies (psalms 94:3), Daniel, that all tribes and nations shall serve Him (Daniel 7:14),Ecclesiasticus, that He shall come with a great multitude of the saints (Eclus 24:3). All the prophets and scriptures are full of similar promises, manifesting his characteristics clearly and decisively enough for all those that study them with enlightened attention. But the doubt arises from the comparison of these with other passages in the Prophets, since all of them must be equally true, though on account of their brevity they may appear to contradict each other. Therefore they must agree with each other in another sense, which can and must be found equally applicable in all the passages. How then shall we understand what this same Isaias says of him, that he shall come from the land of the living, and when he asks: who shall declare his generation? (Is 53:8), that He shall be satiated with reproach; that He shall be lead as a sheep to the slaughter, and that He shall not open his mouth? Jeremias states that the enemies of the Messias shall join hands to persecute Him and mix poison with his bread, and they shall wipe out his name from the earth, although they shall not prevail in their attempt (Jer 11:19). David says that He shall be the reproach of the people and of men, and shall be trodden under foot and shall be despised as a worm (Ps 21:78); Zachary,that He shall come meek and humble seated upon an insignificant beast (Zachary 9:9). All the Prophets say the same concerning the signs of the promised Messias."
Hence, added the Divine Child, "how will it be possible to reconcile these prophecies, if we suppose that the Messias is to come with the power and majesty of arms In order to conquer all the kings and monarchs by violence and foreign bloodshed? We cannot fail to see that He is to come twice; once to redeem the world and a second time to judge it; the prophecies must be applied to both these comings, giving to each one it's right explanation. As the purposes of these comings are different so must also the conditions be different; for He is not to exercise the same office in both, but widely divergent and opposite offices. In the first advent He is to overthrow the demon, hurling him from his sovereignty over souls obtained through the first sin. And therefore He must first render satisfaction to God for the whole human race; then also teach men by his word and example the way of eternal life, how they are to overcome their enemies, serve and adore their God and Redeemer; how they must correspond to to the gifts and use well the blessings of his right hand. All these requirements the Messias must fulfill in the first coming. The second coming is for the purpose of exacting an account from all men in the general judgment, of giving to each one the return for his works, good or bad, chastising his enemies in his wrath and indignation. This is what the Prophets say of his second coming."
"Accordingly, when we wish to understand how his first coming shall be in power and majesty, or as David says, that He shall reign from sea to sea, that in his advent He shall be glorious, as said by the other Prophets: all this cannot be interpreted as referring to visible and territorial sovereignty, with all its outward show of pomp and majesty; but of a spiritual reign in a new church, which would be extended over all the earth with sovereign power and riches of grace and virtue in opposition to the demon. By this interpretation the whole Scripture becomes clear, while in another sense its different parts cannot be made to harmonize. That the people of the Jews are under dominion of the Romans and are in no condition to restore their sovereignty, not only cannot be held as a proof of his not having come, but on the contrary, it is an infallible sign that He is already come into the world. For our Patriarch Jacob has pointed out this very sign for the guidance of his posterity, commanding them to expect the Messias as soon as they should see the tribe of Juda deprived of the sceptre and sovereignty of Israel (Gen 49:10); and you must confess that neither Juda nor any other tribe of Israel can hope to recover or hold it. The same is also proved by the weeks of Daniel (Dan 9:25); which must certainly be now complete. Those who wish can also remember, that a few years ago a light was seen in Bethlehem at midnight and that some poor shepherds heard the message of the new-born Redeemer; and soon after some Kings of the East came guided by a star, seeking the King of the Jews in order to adore Him. All this had been prophesied. Herod, the father of Archelaus, believing it an established fact, took away the life of so many children, hoping thereby to destroy the new-born king, whom he feared as his rival in the government of Israel."
Other arguments did the child Jesus add, and while seeming to ask questions, He taught with a divine efficacy. The scribes and learned me who heard Him were all dumbfounded.
(Then) his most holy Mother and saint Joseph...arrived.