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Message Subject 12 years ago today the US regime assassinated Bill Cooper
Poster Handle Gator!
Post Content
Obviously NONE of you noobs who respect Bill Cooper either knew him, or had any serious communication with him.

I was an active researcher and publisher in the 80s, 90s and 00's.

I dealt with Bill Cooper, along with other key researchers, event organisers and publishers.

It turned out Bill Cooper lied about everything in his past.

He stole the research of others, like Lars Hansen, and told people it was HIS research. When Lars and others complained, they were accused of being CIA.

Eventually word got out that he was lying about his past, and he was dropped from speaking at conferences and dropped from radio shows and dropped from magazines.

Why? Because he lied, got drunk and issued death threats to anyone who didn't make him more famous.

After a while, he turned to the christian community, and told them he was 'born again into Jesus' and that everyone he had worked with to expose UFOs was part of Satan's plan.

After a while, even the christians realised he was a drunken liar, a thief and a fraud.

Sure he wrote a book, but every single thing in that book came from OTHER Books - big fucking deal!.

After the christians woke up and dumped him, he turned to his own internet radio show.

You fools and noobs who worship this pile of shit - do you realise he was a drunk who beat his women?

When he got shot, he was already drunk and shooting at OTHER PEOPLE FIRST.

Anyone here at GLP who thinks Bill Cooper was any sort of hero, is a fucking ignorant NOOB, who really needs to get informed or STFU.

My story is NOT a shill story. I was a believer in Bill, as were many others.

The truth is, that Bill Cooper was a liar, a thief, a fraud, and a drunk wife beater.

Fucking noob city here at GLP these days.
 Quoting: Mograth22

If you don't like GLP then leave. You rattle accusations against Bill Cooper like a little girl. Idiot.
 Quoting: WhatsItAllAbout Alfie

He focused on the right things, but I gotta admit, I now think he was a fraud...

[link to www.markdice.com]
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