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Message Subject 12 years ago today the US regime assassinated Bill Cooper
Poster Handle Mograth22
Post Content
It was the parade of admiration for this shithead that pushed my buttons.

Bill Cooper went out of his way to trash and harass people who started to question him.

Magazine publishers of the time still have Bill Cooper's drunken death-threat calls, where he is pissed off about not being on the front cover of every issue.

All this praise for a liar makes me wanna puke.

I'm not shitting on the information he regurgitated, but you gotta eliminate his personal testimony.

Yes, he popularized the conspiracy-ufo movement, and then he denounced it all as crap.

He flip-flopped to wherever he got money fame and booze.

People really need to read DEEPER than the shallow crap dished out by the likes of Cooper, Icke or Wilcock. They are all getting it from REAL researchers, none of whom have massive egos.

I guess we are stuck with egomaniacs steering the 'conspiracy agenda boat' - and all because of SHORT FUCKING ATTENTION SPANS.
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