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Global UFO disclosure by 2020 ?

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United States
11/06/2013 01:25 AM
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Global UFO disclosure by 2020 ?
So Steve Bassett seems to predict that the world will have government action declaring to the public that UFO biological entities exist on planet Earth and that we are now living among aliens. He says a great tidal wave of books and movies will be written to document the disclosure event. He makes notice that the Rockefeller’s during the Clinton administration and UN in 1978 tried to publicly disclose to the world that alien biological physical life forms are living among us and that they are responsible for the UFO physical craft people see with their eyes.

Do you buy any of this why is he making a arbitrary connection to a UFO disk appearance and attempt to explain the disk people are seeing as “aliens.”

As far as I know William Lyne, author of Occult Aether Physics says UFO craft seen by persons and either captured with imaging devices or reported via witness testimony are government created craft and nothing more from black projects.

What do you think is the Alien agenda a front or Illuminati hoax to bring in NWO for world government religion and public brainwashing?