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Message Subject ALLEN WEST: CONGRESS MUST PROBE MILITARY FIRINGS:Sees trend of relieving hundreds of senior officers as orchestrated from Oval Office
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I like Allen West and would love to see congress officially open up a highly public investigation into the Marxist dictator's purge of the military leadership, but lets get real. Congress can't stop the attorney general or the secretary of state of the secretary of HHS from lying their asses off and endangering people's lives.

People died under Holder's gun running scheme to create a false flag event to subvert the 2nd amendment and nothing happened.

People died in Benghazi because of the inept oversight of the secretary of state and the alleged gun running to terrorists directed by the Whitehouse and nothing happened.

Millions of people are losing their health care and many will wind up dying while they wait for the HHS secretary to simply do her job and nothing is stopping them from steamrolling right ahead as planned.

With a track record like that. I have no faith that congress will actually do anything.
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