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Subject Senator Diane Feinstein Wants To Make NSA Spying On YOU A Law
Poster Handle No Dhimmi
Post Content
Feinstein is leading an effort in the Senate to make it a law of the land for the NSA to listen in to every single phone call landline or cell that is made in this country. In her words, People believe its surveillance, but its not.

I shudder to think that this might actually pass both houses of congress because Obama will gleefully sign the bill.

Does everyone remember that Obama, as one of the planks in his campaign platform, promised to make an effort to repeal the Executive Orders signed by Bush which enabled comprehensive cell phone surveillance of every American?

I think next to Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein has to be one of the most vile, hypocritical and power-mongering politicians not named Barack Obama. I hate to say it, but for as much as I despised Bush and his gang of Republican criminals, the Democrats in power make the previous regime look like choir boys.

[link to www.silverdoctors.com]

[link to truthingold.blogspot.com]

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