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Falling Stars: Starfish Dying From “Disintegrating” Disease!!!!!!!!!FUKUSHIMA

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11/08/2013 12:15 PM

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Falling Stars: Starfish Dying From “Disintegrating” Disease!!!!!!!!!FUKUSHIMA
Scientists on the East Coast have observed similarly mysterious starfish deaths in recent years. Researchers at universities like Cornell and Brown are working to figure out why. The state of California recently dedicated $50,000 to starfish experts at their state universities, who are sending a specialized team to sweep the coast for evidence of wasting in coming months. UC Santa Cruz is also running a website on which ordinary beach-goers can learn how to report sightings. It may yet turn out that the disease isn’t as widespread as reports suggest; concerns now are based on a small sample of the starfish living along the Western seaboard.

[link to science.time.com]

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