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US Gov - National 'Do Not Call' Registry a fraud? I think so!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 49502331
United States
11/09/2013 06:45 AM
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US Gov - National 'Do Not Call' Registry a fraud? I think so!
I'm really pissed and extremely annoyed by the Do Not Call Registry.

I was given a virgin phone number that had no past owners and had never been circulated in any listings services, and this was because of the nagging telemarketers and also because my phone co-Verizon leaked out my personal info even after having all of the security options in force, the EXTRA charge features that are supposed to protect me against this.

So Verizon gives me a virgin number and it was nice and quiet until one day I thought that perhaps I should also register my number with the National Do Not Call Registry. Well, first off, I never got the confirmation email for my number, I suspect that it was intercepted somehow.

Then two days later my phone starts ringing with frigin telemarketers, even ones with the Indian accents.

I asked them more than twice to stop calling and they persist even after reporting their phone number to the NDNC Registry.

It's as if the hackers are getting into their data system, and then it seems that nothing is being done after reporting the same numbers many times.

Have they shut down too and been invaded by hackers? wtf