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The GLP Effect- Comet Lovejoy V Comet ISON

Shadow Beam
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User ID: 49687518
New Zealand
11/09/2013 06:25 PM
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The GLP Effect- Comet Lovejoy V Comet ISON
so im woundering what the 'GLP Effect Is'????

Once doom comes to the mind of a GLP'er, and its posted to the forum.....a magic event happens?
arnie, will smith and bruce willis are blasted into space, or the sea or some californian fault line

maybe it is it before this obvious chain of events?
or is it before it is even written or viewed on these boards??

is the GLP effect simply Human Ego meets the Destructors?!

The GLP effect is what makes us lunatics in the eyes of many...
but what many fail to realise, is its balance
its the part of life that says:
'no obama, you lie'.......dispite him being elected
'ISON will strike earth'......dispite it being SO unlikely

but i dont think thats the TOTAL GLP effect

i think that can be summed up by......

No these comets are not going to have an epic battle in the sky.
but what intrests me is the focus on ISON

this comet, thus far, is a hope
a hope it will be as bright as they say, do something strange, or change course
its a first time visiter with no rep


Lovejoy goes THROUGH the sun in 2011
and nobody cares or is intrested in its return
the new science it represents

the GLP effect is doom beyond rational thought
doom that none but you understand
because only your mind knows ISON will move, or turn pink, or make mars go comet

the GLP effect is the EGO begging for a grand end and gratification to mundanity
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 47006720
11/15/2013 07:40 PM
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Re: The GLP Effect- Comet Lovejoy V Comet ISON